Sunday, August 5, 2012

I've bee amiss of late with my Blog

OK...sorry I have not posted in awhile...this is what I have been upto of late...Hong Kong for 8 days with my 2 sisters in the school holidays..left on the Monday 2nd July tad nervous as this was my first big flight. can safely say arrived very late got to bed 1st day around 3am Oz time. Had a great time many places visited. If you follow me on Facebook I posted each day where we had been any many photos.I was very excited I got to go to Disneyland...everybody wants to go to Disneyland now I can tick that off my bucket list...we plan to go to Hong Kong again and I think I will now become a seasoned traveller Disneyland Train
Liz and Myself
Train at Hong Kong Museum
Jill and Myself with Hong Kong in background pic was at The Peak
The last 3 weeks I have been housebound....I have had surgery on my ankle/achillies and plantar total have had one with the lot. I have been though enjoyin the Olympic coverage on Austar. I went back to the surgeon this week and all is going well with my foot or more affectionately known now as my (paw)..DS1 and his GF visited me on Saturday and took me for a drive to Colac where I met my Mum and Dad for a Hot Chocolate at OddFellows. This week I hope to start physio and hydro on the foot. I am soooooooooooo over my crutches..can weightbear but need crutches. No sewing at this time to show or share. Have a great week :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Survived Camp

Well what a busy few days I've had... camp was fantastic....the food and the children were great. I was up early each day as were the kids, we had full days. I was glad to get home on Friday to see the DH, DD and DS and the animals. I had a wee spend up at the Vic Market, I did not spend much because I am off the Hong Kong in 2 weeks. Saturday I was up early as DS1 got another game in Seniors at Casterton and was playing with Max Rooke an ex AFL to follow. Max Rooke (L) Nathan Clarke(R) Today Sunday I have cleaned the house and am about to watch a Movie on Austar. I hope you have all had a great week/weekend

Monday, June 11, 2012

Off to Camp....My Week in Review

Abbey 19th June 2011 I have packed my bags once again for the Grade 5/6 Camp... I will be up very early to catch the bus with the local school kids. We will have 4 fun filled days and nights in Melbourne. This week has been hectic Monday (today) a visit from my Mum and Dad who have had an adventerous weekend tripping around the countryside visiting many places such as Casterton and Hamilton. Sunday had a visit from DS1 and GF who had been at a 21st in Derrinallum and then popped in for a visit and some homestyle cooking. Saturday off to Hamilton very early to watch DS1 play his 1st Senior Game for Casterton Cats, unfortunately they lost and the weather was a very chilly 10.3deg. Went to a former collegues 60th Birthday Party, which was held at a local hall very comfy and warm I must say. Friday started off fast with the removing of some furniture for the carpet to be laid and the last bit og Vinyl Thursday a busy day at school and housework plus the 1st part of Vinykl being laid. Wednesday saw me off to the Physio during my lunch hour... was pleased for a rubbing of the calf and achillies..hairdresser Tuesday Hydro Therapy at the local Indoor Swimming Pool it may only be 20mtrs long but I loved every minute in the water Monday anothe bus=y day with shopping and the weekly chores outside....Phew what a week No sewing or stitching done keeping that all for when I have surgery in a few weeks... I must also say am a tad excited for the 2nd July will be going off to Hong Kong for 8 nights with my 2 sisters. Till my next post have a great week Andrea

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Abbey's 21st Party

The Clarke Family Abbey Nana and Grandpa Who would have thought that this year we would be celebrating Abbey turning 21. It has been a huge 17 months since the accident. Abbey is doing really well. Abbey has started to work again only 3hrs at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Terang as a waitress. Nathan has Graduated from Uni.... and now is in the process of writing his 1st ever lot of Reports... Ben is still studying Yr12 and has now decided to join the Army... he has a YOU Session in a few weeks.. School Holidays are fast approaching and I am off to Hong Kong for 8 nights... then home for surgery on my left ankle (5 yrs ago I damaged it had it repaired and the injury has falrred up again) A former work colleague has a blog she makes frames and uses 'Stampin Up' to make wonder creations....she made Liz an Owl picture for her Birthday this is the link Till my next post happy Crafting whatever it be you make Andrea

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Thrill Seeker and a few happy snaps

Nathan at Beechworth telegraph...

Milawa Cheese...nom nom


Ben Tandem Paragliding

Lake Bufflo with Mt Buffalo in background

I have had a great 5 days away... the pics show where we went everyday was action packed
Saturday a 6hr drive in the car...unpacking then shopping...
Sunday Ben decided to go Tandem Paragliding with Active Flights in Bright, he took off from Majestic Mountain for a 30 min flight....when he landed we decide to go to the Wandiligon Maze...evrybody will enjoy the Maze and the Sponge OMG 6.00 for a slice of Heaven....
Monday we decided to head over to The Beechworth Bakery...yum yum and more YUM... then on the way back we decided to pop into Milawa to sample a few cheeses....yes just a few I am now a fan of blue goat cheese....nom nom..
Tuesday we went to Lake Buffalo... the drive is just gorgeous and to see behing Mt Buffalo spectacular... and then we picked up some apples from Alpine Apples the variets were amazing and are tasting rather good too.
Wednesday was a day to miss off the calendar we started our journey up to Mt Hotham unfortunately the car decide to over heat 6km from the a call to RACV we got the car carrier and 300.00 later I have a new water pump...thank godness I stopped when I did or it would have been more costly a new motor..I had a knight in shinig armour as I was on a 90deg lean on a corner when the engine light came on I waved out my window and a lovely couple gave me some water and a box of shape to see me till RACV arrived...there are still great people that will stop when they see you are in distress...and I was distressed...
Thursda up early to travel home to Cobden..
Ben has also added 9hrs to his log of 120hrs....I was very brave letting hime drive...I have let down my guard and with my direction he will be a fantastic driver,,, I hope..

Have a great Easter

Ben Tandem Video

Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm in Bright again....1st Term Holidays

I start this post with some wonderful news. Abbey has started her Return to Work.... On Sunday Abbey had a 3hr shift at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Terang. Terang is a 20min drive from Cobden. Before Abbey had her accident she had worked only 3 weeks.I must thank Jill and Darren Cole the owners of the pub, they obviously have the confidence in undertaking her trial return to work. Well the 3hrs flew by apparently, she was able to do some waitress and ordering plus serving of meals. i know she was tired when I rang her last night to see how the day went. OMG we/I never thought this day would have been able to happen 12 months ago, it just shows her determination to do this.

I am in Bright again and wow the weather is just fabulous crisp mornings but a temp around 28deg expected for today. So far we have been to The Old Tobacco Sheds, Wandiligong Maze and Ben again was a bird this time soaring doing Tandem Paragliding...I think the kid is an adrenaline junkie loves the thrill. Today we are going to Beechworth Bakery and checking out the township and on the way home stopping at Milawa to maybe sample a few cheeses. DS1 and his GF are here with Ben and myself.

I just happened to vist the local quiltshop here in Bright and purchased a few goodies...hehe....

I will be relaxing here.........BRIGHT....
I think I need to retire to here

Cheers for now

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Diary Entry 2011 while Abbey in Hospital

This is a snippet from my daily Diary whilst Abbey was in R.M.H and Epworth.
This may distress some people.

March 29th 2011 Easter
Oh you sprung up outta bed when I showed you a pic of the boys. Fire Brigade Stevie you Yelled!!!! OMG
You are wanting to walk without the walker bad idea I keep telling you.
Lunch in the dayroom you didn't like the pudding or soup.
Psycologist came at 3.30ish we were in the Dayroom at Epworth 3NC. Your score today for PTA Test is 4/123.

March 18th 5 weeks after
Dad, Ben and Nan and Pa coming today.
Nana is bringing lunch.
Visiting hours are Weekdays 4-8pm
Weekend 12-8pm
You are very tired.... You called Ben 'Puddleduck' you have not called him that in years. Smiles for Dad and Nana, Maddy and Tooms visited you.....

February 18th 7 days after accident
I was jumping with happybeans this morning as they are thinking of bringing you out you are only on 'propofol'.
Baby steps with your taking off.
Getting more sleep
Dad and I went for a walk with Mr G and Jan.
I have a sore throat :(

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quilting Weekend

I was a woman possessed on the weekend I tried out my new overlocker.... a Birthday present for myself this year...
I made 3 pairs of Dr Seuss jammies.....yes 3 pairs a one of a kind design.....designed by me
2 pillows...Cat in the Hat material......
1 Owl Quilt................ and finally a Memo Board...
I must admit that my DH was not tooo pleased with the mess in the backroom...threads all over the lino...and me sewing most of the weekend..... I diod manage to go out a few first visit was to Gum Valley Patchworch near Simpson to visit Linda and gather some supplies for the weekends sewing. Vicki H and myself then went on a little road trip to Colac for afternoon tea at Cafe Nu Del very nice coffe and cakes, then home for some sewing....On Sunday I managed to go to the Port Fairy Folk Festival for a squizz at all the stalls and some very talented street performers...
Monday saw me cleaning the backroom and the general house cleaning chores....

Cat in the Hat Jammies

Owl Quilt Top for my Twin sister shhhhh she maybe lurking....

Cat in the Hat Pillow

Memo Board

It's hard to believe that in 3 weeks I will be on holidays again.....The local primary school where I work is having a School Fair this Friday.... I am off to Bright again this time with just DS(1) and his GF and DS(2).....Abbey and DH will be holding the fort at home...
I would love to show you a photo of DS(2) wearing his suit for the local Tech School Sports but I might leave that for next week.... trust me you will laugh... I can't belive what he is going to

Till my next post enjoy your stitching and sewing....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Clothes not

Cat in the Hat Pj's

Lovey fabric in my stash turned into Pj's


A-line skirt...fabric from Gum Valley Patchwork

Cat in the Hat Jammies with cuffs....

I was at a friends house (Vicki) and I saw a pattern for PJ's... Vicki had been thinking of making them so we proceeded to cut out the pattern as she had purchased material and was ready to GO.... myself having worked for the clothing industry before I said can't be that hard...well strike me down with a feather McCall and Buutercup have easier patterns than this to cut a long story short Vicki has made a pair and I have made 2 as well as an A-Line skirt which was produced from the same lady...her speil was my 12 yyear old can whip tghese up...well love I am near on 40 and your instructions were no way clear....
I have made these for my DS Girlfriend...I hope she likes......

Abbey had her first weekend away from us in nearlly a year her Junior Fire Brigade had the State Championships in Horsham...way too hot.... for running events and hydrants.....I must say she did come home very tired...but had a great time.....

On Monday we travelled to Melbourne to see Abbeys Prof at Epworth Prof Olver the report was fantastic. Abbey can now take the steps to some independance....this means she will be assessed to see if she can drive...this involves an Occupational Therapist and Vic Roads, it is not like your normal test.... also work will be a goer at some stage during the year... life is nearlly normal.

I have started a Facebook page 'Friends of Trauma Patients' myself and another lady called Catherine whi mind you is from Canada came up with the idea...we both feel as though we have been Super Heros... without Catherin I think I would now be totally demented she and myself regulary chat on Skype about our daughters and the frustrations we feel.... a good chat every week seems to put us back on

well that is my life this week

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

In my hoop this Week....Abbey 12mths...Nathan...

I have been busy stitching this week....

I started this stitchery a few months ago and thought I need to get it finished. I started this at a Stitching Day held at Gum Valley Patchwork back in Sept 2011.... I must say I love the threads Garden Threads and the thread is China Doll...just love it...I need to do the alphabet and the edge should finish it over the weekend
I'll be home for Christmas.......

I also started a stitchery by Rosalie at the same time I am pleased to say I have finished.... a few nights not watching T V.....
Today marks 12 months since abbey's accident...alot has happened...since 4:20pm on the 11th of Feb 2011....Abbey has mad a remarkable recovery..we have had many visits to Melb since she has come home last June... Abbey has been discharged from the Neuro Team at RMH and last week was discharged from the Ortho team...our next goal is to see Prof Olver at Epworth and get discharged but they like to see all patients at 12mths 18mths, 3yrs and sometimes 10yrs just to see what the brain is capable of..Abbey will more than likely at some stage this year resume work...not sure if it will be in the hospitality or her ultimate dream to finish her Apprenticeship...
I will just be chillaxing today not doing to much as I have had the 1st full week at school.
Nathan has also had his 1st full week as a Graduate Teacher in Casterton, I have rang him a few times and each time he has said how he is enjoying the hios 1st pay cheque also...I think he will frame that one..
Yesterday saw Ben compete in the local Tech school swimming sports....3 1st places in Swimming, Backstroke and The Relay... he was however disqualified for swimming the whole length of the 33mtr pool underwater when he should have been doing Butterfly...he could see the funny side as he won the race and the others were still coming down the pool... he has a weird sense of humour that one Yr12 does strange things to them...he is off to Cricket in Mortlake...then tomorrow morning at the local Bakery as Cake Decorator.....
Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones

Friday, February 3, 2012

Abbey and School

Hi Guys,
I have had a busy week thus far...I went to Melbourne with DH and Abbey. We had to be at Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency department X Ray at 9am... so I/we had a sleepover at my twin sister house... having family in Melb when Abbey was in hossy was good. So we had the X ray then went up to the outpatient consulting rooms waiting to see the Ortho Registra a nice Dr called Dr Sam, he was on his last week as a registra and is now off to Northern Health.... got into the Dr relatively quick chatted and decided that X ray didn't show if the pelvic circle was fully off for a CT Scan....came back and got the all clear from Dr Sam that it is now fully formed...yipppeeeeeee NO plating or relived mother and Father and Abbey....Abbey needs to manage her pain and in about 18months she should be right......So after that I went to my favorite shop COSTCO.....what a shop......I got some good bargains...Ben was very delighted with the food purchases for school I missed the 1st day back at work as I was in melb so yesterday was the 1st day children were at school...I managed to make it through to hometime...came home made some scalloped Potatoes for the neighbours Birthday Dinner...Wedding Anniversary on Saturday so might plan a nice tea for their Family minus 1 son (Nathan)...he will be in Ballarat.
Nathan has also started school as a Teacher...I have called him few times asking how he is settling in...all good...he also had his 1st fulll teaching day yesterday...
I am stitching a Rosalie Quinlan pics soon..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Busy Times

Well it is nearly that time of the year past week I have hardly been able to scratch myself with Drs appt and life in general...Nathan has been the one that I have had to do the most for as we do as parents this last my journey began early last Friday morning 7am to be precise off I went in my SIL VW Van and DH in the 1986 Nissan Navara a fine piece of motoring history his words not pick up his belongings from Bunninyong Ballarat and then the drive to Casterton where he will now live for the next 12mths.......640km round trip to our home in Cobden...then today on Australia Day we again went in the ute to Bunninyong to collect the last of the possessions a fridge... I now call myself Clarke and Clarke or the Freight Liner Queen....I think I have a possibility of a new job if I ever leave school.....
School starts next Wed and I will miss the 1st Day as Abbey is having a review for her pelvis at RMH (Royal Melb Hosp).... hoping for a good result as this is nearly 12 months since the accident... the Drs wanted to wait 12 months to see if it healed naturally...will keep you posted on that... I am still in the midst of finishing the Grinch Quilt....tonight we had Lamb Roast which was made famous by Tom Cruise... I still giggle at that add on T V.
I hope you all have had a great Australia Day
Hoo Roo

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bright Holiday

We have had just the best holiday ..... Bright was just what the Dr ordered we have seen so many name a few Mt Buffalo, Beechworth...Yackandandah and Harrietville...the kids have had a blast trying out many new activities...Ben was game and went on a Microlight flight which took on many scenic views...I myself have just chillaxed and gone with the flow...
Hope you are enjoying the break with you families...back to reality tomorrow and to do some stitching and maybe make a quilt....
Will be back here again next year to do more of the same :)

Ben in the Aqua Ball

'The Clarkes' Mt Buffalo

Beechworth Goal

Abbey on the Rotary Slide @ Bright

Abbey and myself in the Ovens River....water comes straight from the snowfields

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bright Holiday

We are having a great time in Bright....the weather the 1st day and yesterday was very muggy and hot.
Today we have had a very different day, the weather has turned to rain. Today we went to the Harrietville Market only 14 of the 54 stall holders were their... I tasted some lovely dutch pancakes with syrup and lemon dressing with a little bit of icing sugar...then we headed back into Bright and went to the Bright Berry Farm were Abbey had a very delicious Berry Ice Cream...Darren sample some of the local jams they had on offer.
Tomorrow we may or may not head to Wangaratta or Beechworth, depends on the weather.
Hope you are all having a great time what ever it is you are doing.

I was trying to post pics of holiday and blogger was not uploading them so maybe in a few days

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bright 2012

Having a ball in Bright... arrived here around Lunchtime....BBQ for tea and off to the carnival....lots of walking in Bright....
Enjoying a bit of well deserved R&R

Monday, January 2, 2012

NYE and Weather

New Years Eve saw myself and home with my family and some of my extended family...had a lovely BBQ on the decking.
Cobden has a wonderful NYE Fireworks Display....I was at home with our latest addition to the family Daisy Mae who is only 13 weeks old...Daisy Mae is a Pure Bred Black Cocker Spaniel...the animals don't like the fireworks so home I went from my friends house to check on them...verdict Daisy Mae shaking and sitting on Abbey's bedroom floor...Miss Poppy barking and not that impressed...Mr Jingles(cat)meowing and hissing at me and scampering around the house....

The Animals

Mr Jingles

Miss Poppy

Daisy Mae

The weather has certainly turned up a notch these last few days today we hit 41.3deg at 3pm...
We are off to Bright in a few days for some realxation....I love Bright we have been going there for 10yrs...I hope to do A BOM this year from Gum Vally Patchwork
1.Love BOM
2.Sampler Quilt
Not sure which one to sign up too they are both beautiful....
off to cook a BBQ for tea waiting for DS(Nathan) and DD(Abbey) to come home from Port Campbell DS2(Ben) at local swimming pool