Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quilting Time I Think

Cat In The Hat Quilt for my DS(Nathan) for his GF (Catherine)
I am also pleased to announce that he is now a Teacher and has secured a 12 month position in a local Western District school teaching P.E., I.C.T. and VCAL

Pillow Case I made her Birthday was in April she got the Quilt in Sept...she just adores the quilt

The Cat In The Hat Quilt

I made this Stitchery 12months ago and just recently got it framed... I think it looks great

I have a wonderful friend in Cobden Vicki...her son was in the accident with Abbey and I am very thankful that he was not seriously injured, he did go to hospital but was released the next day and visited Abbey on several occasions as did Vicki...Vicki and I are now Quilt Buddies and 1 day she invited me to Gum Vally Patchwork for a day of Stitching this is what I made a MemoBoard...

Merry Grinchmas Quilt was to be for Christmas this year but will now be next year

I hope to do some quilting today...not sure if it will be Grinchmas or some Christmas goodies for next year.....
Have a great day what ever you may be doing

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Glitch with Blogger

Nathan with Mum and Day for his 21st Last Year
I have been trying to access my blog and it was saying it had been deleted... I think Gremlins had got into my computer.
Happy Boxing Day
I am resting up as I have sore throat and a cough

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day at The Clarke's Cobden

Abbey Christmas Day 2011....who would have thought this day posssible after her accident on Feb 11th she has come a long way....

Today has just been so wonderful.... I was awoken in the early hours by our ever adorable cat Mr Jingles who we found abandoned last year playing on the roof... I think he might have just seen Santa or was chasing
Anyway I have had all my children at home with my Mum and Dad and Sister In Law Deb.
We planned well with the food, Turkey, Ham, Pork and Pudding and of course all the trimmings on the table.
Lunch started at 1.30 and we had a little break before we tackled the Plum Pudding.... I must say the Plum Pudding was delish.....Tea was very late and I/We have just finished so I have taken the chance to blog and tell you all about our VERY Special Christmas....
Here is my Family on Christmas Day 2011...... and a special photo for Chookyblue

Nathan Abbey and Ben Christmas Day 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, have a wonderful Day

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Preparations 2011

Hello all,I am getting ready today for the Christmas Lunch.... this year it will be Our Family 5 and my Mum and Dad plus the Sister In Law. Normally it would be a very big day. I have got all the preparation done Turkey=tick, Ham=tick, pork=tick and my Mum has made the famous pudding with the old money once again. I am truly amazed at the people that I have seen shopping in our small town with trolleys laden full...anyone would think the shops were never going to be open I have posted another photo of Abbey while she was in Rehab at Epworth Richmond. We were very fortunate to have the Collingwood Football players visit her each fortnight.Early May

Merry Christmas All Andrea

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas 2011 Message

Wow what a big year I have had.
Our daughter Abbey had an accident on the 11th February. I am pleased to say that we are/have managed to all pull through this. I especially would like to thank my Family, Blogfriends for all your wonderful messages throughout the year.
Abbey is still not working but is now home with us in Cobden.
Abbey has Re-hab therapy twice a week at St John of God Warrnambool. We still make regular trips to Melbourne to see treating Drs.
Abbey still has a displaced pelvis which will be reviewed in February.
I am now backk at school working.
Abbey's ong term deficeits are unknown.... the Drs said 18months is the healing time.... The first words I really heard were very encouraging from the Drs she was young when she had the accident and even thought she has now a Brain Injury she will recover... :)
I enclose a pic of Abbey's 20th Birthday

Also as I post this message I have had tears in my eyes today with the generosity and thoughtfullness of my fellow bloggers.... ladies I am truly very thankful for your stitching I am just blown away THANK YOU THANK YOU just doesn't seem enough....
I love the quilt
Chookyblue you are a marvel thanks... to the following ladies who stitched a block in Tis the Season for me I can only express my thanks and appreciation for your block Thank-you
and not to forget the wonderful Chookyblue xoxox

May You all have a Merry Christmas

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Abbey is Recovery Slowly

Abbey is steadily on the improve..... she is awakening more if that makes sense. Abbey is still in PTA (Post Traumatic Amnesia), her scores are getting better on the Westmead Teast and this is the guide the Dr's are using to gauge her memory. Abbey is still not managing to get 12/12 she is getting 8/12, 10/12, 9/12

Her pelvis not to sure about as it has not had the all clear from the treating Dr from R.M.Hospital she needs to have an x-ray for them to clear it totally.

She is however weightbearing on the right leg with no problems and not using a walking frame. Abbey was in a very low stimulus room before. Abbey has all her past memories but is unable to make new ones at the moment and in time she will be able to retain new information and store it away in her brain, she still needs plenty of rest and will need this for a few years after she has been given the all clear.

We have not started Re-hab yet because of the PTA situation.

I am going every Monday night to a group session called Friends and Family, which is very helpful.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Sorry I have been a tad busy

Abbey Monday with her girlfriend Beck
Well as some of you may know my daughter Abbey had a terrible accident on Feb 11th @ 4.20pm in Cobden.
Abbey spent 19 days in ICU were it was very touch and go. Abbey's main injury is called Diffused Axional Injury, which means the brain has had an injury google will help you to find out more.
She also has a broken Pelvis in 2 places which is being consertavely managed with bed rest.
We are very thankful that she is responding to all treatment now.
She will be in the Royal Melb Hospital till she is ready for Re-hab @ Epworth in Richmond or Camberwell.
Darren and I stayed with Abbey for the 1st 19 days. Darren has just gone back to work yesterday. I will stay here in Melb till she is able to be transfered to St John of God Rehab in WArrnambool
I have been living in Melbourne with my sister Liz.
Nathan is in his final year at Uni and Ben in Yr 11 they have had a wonderful support group in Cobden and Ballarat looking after them.
Abbey will be in Rehab for anywhere from 12mths to 2 years deopending on her progress, at the moment she is on fire talking, writing and has just started eating food after having a tracheostomy which was removed last Thursday. She still has a Nasal Gastric tube in to give her extra food which she needs to heal.
Physio and O/T and Speech come in each day and work with Abbey.
I have been posting on Facebook as many of my friends are looking for updates on Abbey.
My facebook is Andrea 'Skippy' Clarke
Hope this has filled you in why I have been not posting
Mum has fone a wonderful job of keeping you posted about Abbey

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to 2011
I have been very slack of late with my blog.
I don't know what I do but I have not visited this for while.
I have been on Facebook which is great and have found many of my bloggy friends on FB.
I also found some account/s that I thought I had deleted so below here they are..
I hope you all had great Xmas whatever you may have done with your families.
I spent Xmas Day in Cobden waiting for Abbey to come home from work... she i in between jobs nd working t the loacal Hotel as Br Person/Cook Assistant...
Nathan is in his final year at Uni studying to be a teacher.
Ben goes in Yr 11 and is still at this stage unsure what he wonts to do...
I am awiting our yearly holiday to Bright leave to go there on Friday.
I hope this in someways has given you an insight into wht I have been upto albeit not
See You All Soon

Facebook Andrea (Skippy) Clarke
Hotmail (Andrea)
Twitter kimonosandjapan
Welcome 2011
I have not bee a very good blogger these past months. I have completed the Quilt A Grdener's Journal... I enjoyed making this quilt.
I have been on Facebook and that now occupies some of my
I forgot about another account on Flickr and just looked at that... gosh so many accounts plus MSN... I must just concentrate on one..... which one?
Not much had been happening in my world I m on school holidays atm....
I am off to my favorite place in the world BRIGHT...
Darren is still at the local factory.
Nathan is in his final year at University (Bachelor of Education).
Abbey is no longer n Apprentice Builder.... she is looking at joining the Na...vy.
Ben i in Yr 11 this year and is till unsure what he wont to do.
I will be working at the local Primary School again as an Aide and Librarian..
Well I hope that has filled you all in on my world...
My you all enjoy this lovely weather and quilting....
Hope 2011 brings each of you happiness

Yours In Quilting

Facebook: Andrea (Skippy) Clarke