Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello Sorry I have been a tad busy

Abbey Monday with her girlfriend Beck
Well as some of you may know my daughter Abbey had a terrible accident on Feb 11th @ 4.20pm in Cobden.
Abbey spent 19 days in ICU were it was very touch and go. Abbey's main injury is called Diffused Axional Injury, which means the brain has had an injury google will help you to find out more.
She also has a broken Pelvis in 2 places which is being consertavely managed with bed rest.
We are very thankful that she is responding to all treatment now.
She will be in the Royal Melb Hospital till she is ready for Re-hab @ Epworth in Richmond or Camberwell.
Darren and I stayed with Abbey for the 1st 19 days. Darren has just gone back to work yesterday. I will stay here in Melb till she is able to be transfered to St John of God Rehab in WArrnambool
I have been living in Melbourne with my sister Liz.
Nathan is in his final year at Uni and Ben in Yr 11 they have had a wonderful support group in Cobden and Ballarat looking after them.
Abbey will be in Rehab for anywhere from 12mths to 2 years deopending on her progress, at the moment she is on fire talking, writing and has just started eating food after having a tracheostomy which was removed last Thursday. She still has a Nasal Gastric tube in to give her extra food which she needs to heal.
Physio and O/T and Speech come in each day and work with Abbey.
I have been posting on Facebook as many of my friends are looking for updates on Abbey.
My facebook is Andrea 'Skippy' Clarke
Hope this has filled you in why I have been not posting
Mum has fone a wonderful job of keeping you posted about Abbey


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

yay...go abbey...and thans margaret for keeping us posted...

Chookyblue...... said...

OMG Andrea..........I can't get over Abbey in this pic.........every new photo I see she looks so much better...........she looks so good here........must be all the love and care she has with her..........
big hugs........
don't forget to look after yourself too...........

Margaret said...

She sure has come along way in what seems a short time now but a very long time going through it. Great photo .

Margaret said...

Certainly looking good