Saturday, April 23, 2011

Abbey is Recovery Slowly

Abbey is steadily on the improve..... she is awakening more if that makes sense. Abbey is still in PTA (Post Traumatic Amnesia), her scores are getting better on the Westmead Teast and this is the guide the Dr's are using to gauge her memory. Abbey is still not managing to get 12/12 she is getting 8/12, 10/12, 9/12

Her pelvis not to sure about as it has not had the all clear from the treating Dr from R.M.Hospital she needs to have an x-ray for them to clear it totally.

She is however weightbearing on the right leg with no problems and not using a walking frame. Abbey was in a very low stimulus room before. Abbey has all her past memories but is unable to make new ones at the moment and in time she will be able to retain new information and store it away in her brain, she still needs plenty of rest and will need this for a few years after she has been given the all clear.

We have not started Re-hab yet because of the PTA situation.

I am going every Monday night to a group session called Friends and Family, which is very helpful.