Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Weekend

Hi Bloggers, Ive had a busy weekend with my twin sister and her partner down for the weekend. My twin lives in the city and I of course I live in the country. Today we went to our friends farm so Liz could get some really good cow poo for her own garden at home. Several bags later and they should have the best veggies in Melb. We saw whilst out at the farm which is a 5 min drive a family of Wedged Tailed Eagles...anyone that knows me knows that I just adore any kind of animal...
Wedge Tailed Eagles flying over the farm
We also got to play with one of the girls R34 she is getting on in years now she is about 7-8yrs old she had a calf a few years back that was prem and her calf was called 'Pig"....7 came over for a play and Ollie the long haired border collie entertained us when he jumped into the water trough.. We came home had a bite to eat and then the visitors left...A friend had brought around some Blood Plums so the husband got busy and we made some Plum Sauce a jar will be given to the ex owner of the blood plums in appreciation of his plums...
Liz and her check out the footwear

Liz and Ollie

Ollie waiting to jump into the water trough
Me with R34
Home made Plum Sauce

Cheers Andrea