Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quilting Time I Think

Cat In The Hat Quilt for my DS(Nathan) for his GF (Catherine)
I am also pleased to announce that he is now a Teacher and has secured a 12 month position in a local Western District school teaching P.E., I.C.T. and VCAL

Pillow Case I made her Birthday was in April she got the Quilt in Sept...she just adores the quilt

The Cat In The Hat Quilt

I made this Stitchery 12months ago and just recently got it framed... I think it looks great

I have a wonderful friend in Cobden Vicki...her son was in the accident with Abbey and I am very thankful that he was not seriously injured, he did go to hospital but was released the next day and visited Abbey on several occasions as did Vicki...Vicki and I are now Quilt Buddies and 1 day she invited me to Gum Vally Patchwork for a day of Stitching this is what I made a MemoBoard...

Merry Grinchmas Quilt was to be for Christmas this year but will now be next year

I hope to do some quilting today...not sure if it will be Grinchmas or some Christmas goodies for next year.....
Have a great day what ever you may be doing

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Glitch with Blogger

Nathan with Mum and Day for his 21st Last Year
I have been trying to access my blog and it was saying it had been deleted... I think Gremlins had got into my computer.
Happy Boxing Day
I am resting up as I have sore throat and a cough

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day at The Clarke's Cobden

Abbey Christmas Day 2011....who would have thought this day posssible after her accident on Feb 11th she has come a long way....

Today has just been so wonderful.... I was awoken in the early hours by our ever adorable cat Mr Jingles who we found abandoned last year playing on the roof... I think he might have just seen Santa or was chasing
Anyway I have had all my children at home with my Mum and Dad and Sister In Law Deb.
We planned well with the food, Turkey, Ham, Pork and Pudding and of course all the trimmings on the table.
Lunch started at 1.30 and we had a little break before we tackled the Plum Pudding.... I must say the Plum Pudding was delish.....Tea was very late and I/We have just finished so I have taken the chance to blog and tell you all about our VERY Special Christmas....
Here is my Family on Christmas Day 2011...... and a special photo for Chookyblue

Nathan Abbey and Ben Christmas Day 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, have a wonderful Day