Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome 2011
I have not bee a very good blogger these past months. I have completed the Quilt A Grdener's Journal... I enjoyed making this quilt.
I have been on Facebook and that now occupies some of my
I forgot about another account on Flickr and just looked at that... gosh so many accounts plus MSN... I must just concentrate on one..... which one?
Not much had been happening in my world I m on school holidays atm....
I am off to my favorite place in the world BRIGHT...
Darren is still at the local factory.
Nathan is in his final year at University (Bachelor of Education).
Abbey is no longer n Apprentice Builder.... she is looking at joining the Na...vy.
Ben i in Yr 11 this year and is till unsure what he wont to do.
I will be working at the local Primary School again as an Aide and Librarian..
Well I hope that has filled you all in on my world...
My you all enjoy this lovely weather and quilting....
Hope 2011 brings each of you happiness

Yours In Quilting

Facebook: Andrea (Skippy) Clarke

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