Monday, January 2, 2012

NYE and Weather

New Years Eve saw myself and home with my family and some of my extended family...had a lovely BBQ on the decking.
Cobden has a wonderful NYE Fireworks Display....I was at home with our latest addition to the family Daisy Mae who is only 13 weeks old...Daisy Mae is a Pure Bred Black Cocker Spaniel...the animals don't like the fireworks so home I went from my friends house to check on them...verdict Daisy Mae shaking and sitting on Abbey's bedroom floor...Miss Poppy barking and not that impressed...Mr Jingles(cat)meowing and hissing at me and scampering around the house....

The Animals

Mr Jingles

Miss Poppy

Daisy Mae

The weather has certainly turned up a notch these last few days today we hit 41.3deg at 3pm...
We are off to Bright in a few days for some realxation....I love Bright we have been going there for 10yrs...I hope to do A BOM this year from Gum Vally Patchwork
1.Love BOM
2.Sampler Quilt
Not sure which one to sign up too they are both beautiful....
off to cook a BBQ for tea waiting for DS(Nathan) and DD(Abbey) to come home from Port Campbell DS2(Ben) at local swimming pool

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a good yarn said...

The fireworks aren't fun for pets that's for sure. Bright is a fabulous spot I envy you! Can't wait to see which project you choose. ann :-)