Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Thrill Seeker and a few happy snaps

Nathan at Beechworth telegraph...

Milawa Cheese...nom nom


Ben Tandem Paragliding

Lake Bufflo with Mt Buffalo in background

I have had a great 5 days away... the pics show where we went everyday was action packed
Saturday a 6hr drive in the car...unpacking then shopping...
Sunday Ben decided to go Tandem Paragliding with Active Flights in Bright, he took off from Majestic Mountain for a 30 min flight....when he landed we decide to go to the Wandiligon Maze...evrybody will enjoy the Maze and the Sponge OMG 6.00 for a slice of Heaven....
Monday we decided to head over to The Beechworth Bakery...yum yum and more YUM... then on the way back we decided to pop into Milawa to sample a few cheeses....yes just a few I am now a fan of blue goat cheese....nom nom..
Tuesday we went to Lake Buffalo... the drive is just gorgeous and to see behing Mt Buffalo spectacular... and then we picked up some apples from Alpine Apples the variets were amazing and are tasting rather good too.
Wednesday was a day to miss off the calendar we started our journey up to Mt Hotham unfortunately the car decide to over heat 6km from the a call to RACV we got the car carrier and 300.00 later I have a new water pump...thank godness I stopped when I did or it would have been more costly a new motor..I had a knight in shinig armour as I was on a 90deg lean on a corner when the engine light came on I waved out my window and a lovely couple gave me some water and a box of shape to see me till RACV arrived...there are still great people that will stop when they see you are in distress...and I was distressed...
Thursda up early to travel home to Cobden..
Ben has also added 9hrs to his log of 120hrs....I was very brave letting hime drive...I have let down my guard and with my direction he will be a fantastic driver,,, I hope..

Have a great Easter

Ben Tandem Video

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Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Andrea...I just got your comment to me wishing us a Happy Easter and the chat we had on the phone...So sorry I didn't notice the was in Spam in the comments section...Hope you are going well and that the physio is being kind to you xoxox

PS...did you receive the card I sent you?