Friday, February 3, 2012

Abbey and School

Hi Guys,
I have had a busy week thus far...I went to Melbourne with DH and Abbey. We had to be at Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency department X Ray at 9am... so I/we had a sleepover at my twin sister house... having family in Melb when Abbey was in hossy was good. So we had the X ray then went up to the outpatient consulting rooms waiting to see the Ortho Registra a nice Dr called Dr Sam, he was on his last week as a registra and is now off to Northern Health.... got into the Dr relatively quick chatted and decided that X ray didn't show if the pelvic circle was fully off for a CT Scan....came back and got the all clear from Dr Sam that it is now fully formed...yipppeeeeeee NO plating or relived mother and Father and Abbey....Abbey needs to manage her pain and in about 18months she should be right......So after that I went to my favorite shop COSTCO.....what a shop......I got some good bargains...Ben was very delighted with the food purchases for school I missed the 1st day back at work as I was in melb so yesterday was the 1st day children were at school...I managed to make it through to hometime...came home made some scalloped Potatoes for the neighbours Birthday Dinner...Wedding Anniversary on Saturday so might plan a nice tea for their Family minus 1 son (Nathan)...he will be in Ballarat.
Nathan has also started school as a Teacher...I have called him few times asking how he is settling in...all good...he also had his 1st fulll teaching day yesterday...
I am stitching a Rosalie Quinlan pics soon..


Margaret said...

All sounds good to me.

Maree: said...

That's Great News for Abbey..

a good yarn said...

That is such good news about Abbey. ann :-)

Love Bears All Things said...

Wow, what a busy Mom you are...
It was good to hear the good news about Abbey's check-up.
I came over after seeing your SAL post...your TTS is looking great.
Mama Bear