Thursday, January 26, 2012

Busy Times

Well it is nearly that time of the year past week I have hardly been able to scratch myself with Drs appt and life in general...Nathan has been the one that I have had to do the most for as we do as parents this last my journey began early last Friday morning 7am to be precise off I went in my SIL VW Van and DH in the 1986 Nissan Navara a fine piece of motoring history his words not pick up his belongings from Bunninyong Ballarat and then the drive to Casterton where he will now live for the next 12mths.......640km round trip to our home in Cobden...then today on Australia Day we again went in the ute to Bunninyong to collect the last of the possessions a fridge... I now call myself Clarke and Clarke or the Freight Liner Queen....I think I have a possibility of a new job if I ever leave school.....
School starts next Wed and I will miss the 1st Day as Abbey is having a review for her pelvis at RMH (Royal Melb Hosp).... hoping for a good result as this is nearly 12 months since the accident... the Drs wanted to wait 12 months to see if it healed naturally...will keep you posted on that... I am still in the midst of finishing the Grinch Quilt....tonight we had Lamb Roast which was made famous by Tom Cruise... I still giggle at that add on T V.
I hope you all have had a great Australia Day
Hoo Roo


Margaret said...

What's with the Tom Cruise ad, I have never seen it. Sam Kekovich yeah!Give me Lamb.

Nice header of Ben in the air.

Kimonos and Sushi(OLD BLOG) said...

I had to search the internet but here is the link for the Tom Cruise add

a good yarn said...

We're still making the Roast Lamb/Tom Cruise jokes so call us lame too! Hoping you and Abby get the good news you are hoping for. ann :-)