Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Clothes not

Cat in the Hat Pj's

Lovey fabric in my stash turned into Pj's


A-line skirt...fabric from Gum Valley Patchwork

Cat in the Hat Jammies with cuffs....

I was at a friends house (Vicki) and I saw a pattern for PJ's... Vicki had been thinking of making them so we proceeded to cut out the pattern as she had purchased material and was ready to GO.... myself having worked for the clothing industry before I said can't be that hard...well strike me down with a feather McCall and Buutercup have easier patterns than this to cut a long story short Vicki has made a pair and I have made 2 as well as an A-Line skirt which was produced from the same lady...her speil was my 12 yyear old can whip tghese up...well love I am near on 40 and your instructions were no way clear....
I have made these for my DS Girlfriend...I hope she likes......

Abbey had her first weekend away from us in nearlly a year her Junior Fire Brigade had the State Championships in Horsham...way too hot.... for running events and hydrants.....I must say she did come home very tired...but had a great time.....

On Monday we travelled to Melbourne to see Abbeys Prof at Epworth Prof Olver the report was fantastic. Abbey can now take the steps to some independance....this means she will be assessed to see if she can drive...this involves an Occupational Therapist and Vic Roads, it is not like your normal test.... also work will be a goer at some stage during the year... life is nearlly normal.

I have started a Facebook page 'Friends of Trauma Patients' myself and another lady called Catherine whi mind you is from Canada came up with the idea...we both feel as though we have been Super Heros... without Catherin I think I would now be totally demented she and myself regulary chat on Skype about our daughters and the frustrations we feel.... a good chat every week seems to put us back on

well that is my life this week

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Margaret said...

That will get your stash down and make someone very happy to have Dr Seuss jammies.