Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bright Holiday

We are having a great time in Bright....the weather the 1st day and yesterday was very muggy and hot.
Today we have had a very different day, the weather has turned to rain. Today we went to the Harrietville Market only 14 of the 54 stall holders were their... I tasted some lovely dutch pancakes with syrup and lemon dressing with a little bit of icing sugar...then we headed back into Bright and went to the Bright Berry Farm were Abbey had a very delicious Berry Ice Cream...Darren sample some of the local jams they had on offer.
Tomorrow we may or may not head to Wangaratta or Beechworth, depends on the weather.
Hope you are all having a great time what ever it is you are doing.

I was trying to post pics of holiday and blogger was not uploading them so maybe in a few days

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a good yarn said...

My pick would be Beechworth. Glad you are having such a nice time despite the crazy weather. ann :-)