Monday, June 12, 2017

Term 2 of the School Year

Well it's nearly that time again...the nights are getting darker and the days colder...
2 more weeks and I'll be on holidays again....yippie...I love this time as I get to catch up with my big kids that no longer live at home or close by....
Nathan is in Foster which is a good 5hrs drive after a busy week at school! I do try to catch up and watch a footy game or 2, so far this season I haven't watched him play 😕 He has played a few games for the Seniors and now is playing Reserves footy he did however get BOG this week named 3 best.
Abbey is in Warrnambool and working at Lyndoch part time.. She does come over to visit and brings the Daisy Mae her black cocker spaniel. It's been a big year so far seeing how far she has come since her car accident in 2011, a mothers worst nightmare those first 4 weeks not knowing if she would survive, but in true Abbey fashion she proved the Drs and us wrong... The only downer about the whole accident is she now has a Brain Injury and because of this lost her dear and near friends... I can count on my hand the number that still include Abbey in their activities... She has found a partner and he is aware of her condition and is looking after her great.
Ben well he is our dark horse, he's bought a house in Cobden, but comes home most nights for tea or to use the washing machine. He works at CopRice and loves to party on the weekends. Bens got his own Ginger Ninjas which love him as much  as he does them 🐱🐱.

I've had the flu...leargie for the past 4 weeks, went to the Drs twice and on 2nd visit got some great drugs which kicked it although taking prednisolone and being on the nebuliser for asthma every 4 hrs wasp a  stroll have a slight wheeze but the night coughs and aches are all gone.
No big holiday this year but looking at Canada 2018 Alaska Banff Fairbanks Jasper Lake Louise Anchorage... Gotta save the ✈️💷💶💴💵💸.
Well I've had a huge Long Weekend cleaning and ripping up carpet...walls have all been painted fresh new colour Sombrero Tan and skirts in Rawhide Haymes paints, Gary Fryers and his boys did a great job.

Well hopefully it won't be another 14plus weeks till my next post.

Enjoy your Week

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