Saturday, June 17, 2017

A busy week

I've had a busy week we've had the painters and carpet layers in. A lot of moving and rearranging of furniture.

Another busy week at school with the holidays fast approaching it's a mad time in the library with books coming in and the new books for next terms themes. With a three day week it was busy!

Today I moved my antique wicker bed from Ben's we switched I gave him a queen bed for my antique bed, this bed has had a lot of moves from Casterton to Ballarat and then to Ben's. I love this old bed and it looks fab in my new bedroom that I've created. I've put in and antique chair that I got from a garage sale and my upholstery friend John Rix re upholstered the chair my dad sanded and gave it a lick of french polish. On the antique drawers I have a antique light that no longer operates with a ladies beauty set and also a chamber pot! On the bed I have one of my many quilts that I've made over the years.

Today after the bed setup I took on another challenge the lawns, as some of you may or may not be aware I had a heart attack a few years back and don't do much gardening, bug of late the past 2 weeks I've decided to do the lawns as my exercise. I have not been on my bike for about 12 months due to a sore knee and sciatic nerve problem (Physio helped but then my knee caved in). Late January I had an op on my knee to see what the problem was, well in short it's damaged and I need a new one... alll my problems seem to be on the left side the ankle and the knee....

Well I hope this fills you in on my short but busy week!
Enjoy whatever you may get up to this weekend or week


I'll try and post pics of the room later

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